Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

The Grosse Ile Rowing Club is a volunteer organization dedicated to supporting, promoting and facilitating supervised, instructional and competitive programs for all Grosse Ile students desiring to participate in the sport of rowing, and Grosse Ile residents who wish to experience the health, educational, and personal benefits rowing presents.  We aim to build and to support high quality programs and facilities that promote access to rowing; encourage excellence in competitive rowing; and use rowing as a means to foster physical activity, health, leadership, and community engagement.

Our Vision:

The Grosse Ile Rowing Club Ignites the Passion for Rowing

Our vision is to be able to provide financial and logistical support for Grosse Ile High School rowing program; to provide opportunities and facilities for the youth of Grosse Ile at the Middle School and High School levels through supervised, instructional, and competitive programs; and thereby foster and maintain a positive, inclusive program that offers young men and women a place to grow as athletes, students, and productive contributing members of our community.

Ours is a vision of fully funded and positive programs, high quality equipment and training center, and knowledgeable instructional staff and coaches, which when combined provide the opportunity for Grosse Ile students to compete athletically in the sport of crew, and create an environment that allows our athletes to be respectful of sportsmanship and supportive of their fellow teammates, regardless of race, ethnicity and economic status.