Our Future Home

Not long after the founding of the Grosse Ile Rowing Club in 1989, members dreamt of building a boat house on Grosse Ile.  After many dead ends and failed attempts, approval was granted in October 2013 by Grosse Ile Township to build a rowing facility on a site at the south end of the Grosse Ile West Shore Golf & Country Club property.  This boat house will be a rowing facility to house the boats used by the Grosse Ile High School rowing team, plus a workout center for off the water workouts.  This will also allow the Grosse Ile Rowing Club to further promote rowing in our community, including planned Learn to Row programs.

The Grosse Ile Rowing Club has secured land on the southern part of the West Shore Golf & Country Club to build a rowing facility for the Grosse Ile Rowing Club.


Additionally, the GIRC has leased from West Short Golf and Country Club land across West Road and a small parking lot that boarders the boat house.  The combined purchase and lease provide access to the Detroit River for training purposes.

Boat House Floor Plan

A new one story structure of 6000 sq. ft. will serve the Grosse Ile Rowing Club, and the Grosse Ile community.

The boat house will consist of:

  • Boat storage (3200 sq. ft.)
  •  Indoor area for rowing machines and weight lifting (1700 sq. ft.)
  • Men’s and women’s locker rooms (800 sq. ft.)
  • Coaches office (150 sq. ft.) 


West Elevation


North Elevation


Community Benefits

Once completed, this facility will benefit not only the High School rowing program but the community too. Among other things, the boat house will positively impact community health concerns – by promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles – and will enhance the community appeal to current and future residents.
Given that we are surrounded by the water, and the Detroit River is a key factor in the quality of life within our community. Soon, you will see high school athletes carrying the boats upon their shoulders, and walking to the shore along the Detroit River to place the boats from a floating dock onto the river.  You will see sculls gliding across the water as the athletes pull on the oars just off the west shore of Grosse Ile.  That image is a catalyst for several beneficial impacts to the community. In addition to supporting the High School rowing program, the boat house will naturally attract more community interest in the sport of rowing.  Partnering with the Grosse Ile Recreation Department, the Rowing Club plans to offer learn to row programs.   With increased participation in the sport, and the recreational benefits gained by that activity, the boat house will serve as a visible example of the community’s support and encouragement of healthy recreational activities.  The combined positive impacts of this boat house will further promote Grosse Ile Township as an attractive community in which to live.
The Rowing Club purposefully designed the building with a façade that blends with neighboring buildings and residences, with landscaping and setbacks to promote a harmonious existence with our neighbors.  
Last, but certainly not least, the boat house will be a constant reminder of the tremendous success and accomplishments of the rowers who use the facility.  The accomplishments of the Rowing Club participants will cause community recognition and cause community pride. 
Throughout its first 25 years the Grosse Ile Rowing Club has been blessed by the generosity and support of our community.  Now as we strive to fulfill our dream, join with us to make our dream a reality.