Grosse Ile High School Rowing

Through our best efforts and a commitment to our VISION, VALUES and STANDARDS, we will foster a supportive environment of awareness, responsibility, accountability, high standards and success where every member embraces their role for the good of the team and is rewarded through accomplishment and growth.

It all started when…

In 1987, Grosse Ile students Corey Berends and Matt Weise rowed for Grosse Ile at Carlson High School.  Next summer, interest grew to 20 rowers who participated in a program sponsored by the Grosse Ile Recreation Department at the Ecorse Rowing Club.  This program served as the foundation of the Grosse Ile High School Rowing Club and the Grosse Ile High School rowing program.

In March of 1989, with the support of athletic director Bill Lowery, the Grosse Ile Recreation Department, the Ecorse Rowing Club and interested parents, head coach Ken Welch led the Grosse Ile High School Crew in its first season.

Rowing became a varsity sport at Grosse Ile in 1991 and since its inception, has experienced success at the local, regional, national and international level.  With continuing support from the Grosse Ile Rowing Club, the program's coaches and rowers continue to grow the program.